This new community of safelists gives you a virtual house for your list!
Start building your neighborhood by getting your safelist listed on this page. Your members will be able to come here and attend your “housewarming parties” and help you celebrate your new entry into the community! We’ll have guestbook signings, you will be able to vote for the safelists and everyone can have fun and get new members, plus if you join Community Safelists as a paid member you will be set up with a state of the art fully optimized safelist, be given a domain name for your new list and get your own virtual house on this page!

The Community Safelist

The Ultimate Safelist

Home Earner’s Premium Safelist

Profit Palace

To get your own virtual house and safelist, just sign up for your own hosted list and think of a name you want for your list,

Then pay NOTHING for your first month’s “mortgage”

Get ready to enjoy the fun of owning your own high response safelist!

We will set it up and optimize it for you and you will be able to add your own links to your favorite programs and your own banners, and offer your members incentives for signing up and buying advertising


We want to help you be successful and we will always be here to help you if you ever need it.
As long as you “pay your mortgage” this will be your list, and you will be able to control how much you charge for membership. Your first month is a trial month, after that, you will only pay $25 a month for your list AND hosting, and any money you make will be yours and only yours.


If you decide to unsubscribe before your first payment is due, that’s ok.

We will simply put your list “Up for Adoption”!

Here you have it, everything you need to get your safelist business off to a good start. Sign up today and get your own virtual house for your new safelist.

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